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Configuration can be changed by adding a script tag before loading the cookie banner script with the following content:

window._monsidoConsentManagerConfig = {
token: "insert-your-monsido-token-here",
privacyRegulation: ["ccpa","gdpr"],
settings: {
manualStartup: false,
hideOnAccepted: false,
perCategoryConsent: true,
explicitRejectOption: true,
hasOverlay: true,
i18n: {
languages: ["en_US", "nb_NO", "de_DE", "es_ES", "da_DK"],
defaultLanguage: "en_US"
theme: {
iconPictureUrl: "stroopwafel",
iconShape: "rounded_box",
position: "bottom-center",
links: {
cookiePolicyUrl: "https://insert-your-url-here",
linkToCookieOverview: "https://insert-your-url-here",
optOutUrl: "https://insert-your-url-here",
cookieOverview: {
enable: true,
containerSelector: "#cookie-overview-container",
hideInPreferences: false

Available Settings

tokenstringRequired. A unique id for a website. Provided by Monsido.
privacyRegulationarrayArray with privacy regulations, ex ["GDPR", "CCPA"].
settings.manualStartupbooleanDetermine if the cookie banner should be loaded manually or not.
settings.hideOnAcceptedbooleanDetermine if the consent widget should be hidden.
settings.perCategoryConsentbooleanProvide the option for visitors to give consent to individual cookie categories (GDPR requirement)
settings.explicitRejectOptionbooleanDisplay the option to reject cookies.
settings.hasOverlaybooleanDetermine if the entire website should be made non-interactive behind an overlay before the visitor makes a consent choice on the cookie banner. Be aware that locking interactions prior to consent may not be compliant with certain regional privacy regulations.
i18n.defaultLanguagestring, e.g. "en-US"Default language to fallback to
i18n.languagesarray, e.g. ["en-US", "da-DK"]The available languages that can be detected and displayed on the cookie banner.
theme.buttonColor"#b3efa7" - hex color code stringColor of the buttons on cookie banner and the coookie widget.
theme.buttonTextColor"#324646" - hex color code stringColor of the button label text on cookie banner.
theme.iconPictureUrl"cookie", "cookie_bite", "badge", "stroopwafel"Set the icon that is displayed on the consent widget.
theme.iconShape"circle", "rounded_box"Set the consent widget icon shape when it is minimized.
theme.position"top-right", "top-center", "top-left", "right", "left", "bottom-right", "bottom-center", "bottom-left"Set the position of the cookie banner on the website.
links.cookiePolicyUrlstringLink to cookie policy page.
links.linkToCookieOverviewstringLink to cookie overview page.
links.optOutUrlstringLink to opt out of selling personal data to third parties (for the CCPA privacy regulation).
cookieOverview.enablebooleanEnable displaying cookies list overview directly on page.
cookieOverview.containerSelectorstringCSS Selector to container element where you want to display the cookie overview.
cookieOverview.hideInPreferencesbooleanHide the cookie overview in cookie banner preferences